Thursday, September 20, 2012

Qt resurrected, support planed for Android and iOS

This might be really big:
Helsinki, Finland and Santa Clara, US - September 18 2012, Digia (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki: DIG1V) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Qt software technologies and Qt business.
Qt already runs on leading desktop, embedded and real-time operating systems, as well as on a number of mobile platforms. Digia has initiated projects to deliver full support for Android and iOS mobile and tablet operating systems within Qt and will present the product roadmap and strategy later in the fall.
All significant existing online Qt information has been transferred to, which, along with, is now the main information-sharing site for Qt.
Now add to the above the cut-them-chains-and-break-free move of Qt5 to QPA (a nice tour at Dr. Dobb's here), and Qt might just have set itself on course for becoming a reliable and future-proof platform. But then again, there's still allot of work to do to make Qt truly platform agnostic - namely, QPA must become a full platform abstraction layer instead of focusing only on the display server, and there's no clearly stated plan in this direction on Qt's website, so only time will tell...

I can't help wondering if Digia's management really understands what QPA's potential implications are for their business (especially if it is to grow into a complete abstraction layer, multimedia included and all), so until i see QPA fully integrated (and properly documented) in the LGPL-ed version of Qt5 i'll just call myself "cautiously optimistic" on this rather extreme openness move...