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Here's a short list i've put together with several ways this project can be supported; i'll be adding/editing/removing items in this list to keep it synchronized with the up-to-date status of the project:
  1. Help spread the word: if you happen to know anyone who might consider this project interesting and/or important, and irrespective of whether they can contribute any technical help or not, please email them a link to the project's summary page such that this message can become viral and reach as wide an audience as possible:
    • it is very important to send your message via e-mail and/or social networks, and not via an instant messaging program, because in this way you can help the recipient to further spread the message should she chose to do so
    Another way to spread the word would be to post links to the project's summary page (the link above) on social networks, forums and mailing lists, blogs, etc, but please do not spam: please only link to this project if/where such a link would be relevant and/or interesting to the audience.
    I cannot stress enough how important spreading the word is; in fact, it might turn out be the very lifeline of this entire project

  2. Help with coding: this project is in dire need of two-to-three committed programmers; in fact, should such a small team be put in place, there would probably be no need for anything else for the project to take off in about 6 to 9 months. If you are a seasoned C++ programmer and are interested in joining this project (especially by contributing code, but other forms of expertize are also welcome), please drop me a line
    • important task note: this project is currently in a research/proof of concept stage, with an emphasis on identifying and resolving as many of the technical problems as possible at the algorithmic level; a large number of problems have already been resolved, but a few important ones still exist. Once the research stage will have been deemed completed (i.e. no more known show-stopper issues outstanding), work on the code will be restarted from scratch with an emphasis on production quality code and documentation, while the current code base will be discarded
  3. Help with industry insider info: if you are an internet industry insider knowledgeable of the technicalities and/or market trends related to the IPv6 transition and CGNs, please drop me a line if you can spare some half an hour for a live chat (i'm specifying "live chat" because a Q&A session on the topics i'd like to address would be very hard to conduct over email or other form of offline communication)

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