Monday, November 23, 2015

libagents-1.0.0 released

It's been about a year and a half since my last post on the 'libposif' library, and at that time my original intention was to bring together all of the various functions that I will need for the P2P OS algorithms inside a single library; however, after a while i realized that a better option would be to have two separate libraries: namely, the 'libposif' library should be dealing only with the cross-platform portability issues, and a separate library, 'libagents', should deal with the agents-based programming model.

So the 'libagents' library project was born: I wanted a pure C++ implementation of the actor model, and I wanted it released as a stand-alone open source project, with proper documentation and all. Now, after over a year of tweaks and hundreds of pages written and then deleted in the doc, today is the day when libagents-1.0.0 is finally available for download. Grab it, use it, and spice up your programs with some elegant parallel processing :)

Don't be discouraged by the sheer size of the documentation, just take it one page at a time. I spent countless hours trying to make it easy to read, so don't try to cut corners, that ain't gonna cut it: the doc is written with the assumption that it will be read and understood incrementally, from start to finish.