Thursday, November 10, 2016

Need a simple HTML5-compliant website template? Give this one a try, it's future-proof.

Obviously as it gets, i didn't work much on this project during the past couple of years, mostly because i reached a state where i don't really know how to move on from here, nor how the 'Net will evolve in the future w/r to the IPv4 and IPv6 deployments. I received (almost) no feedback on this blog, i couldn't find anyone willing to help me out with this project out of the people i know, and although i am constantly flirting with the idea of trying an indiegogo campaign, i just don't feel ready to drop everything else in my life and try this all-or-nothing move all by myself.

So throughout most of this year i just worked (on and off) on finishing some older projects which were dragging on for way too long, one of which is an HTML5-compliant website template which was in the "almost done" state for quite a while. While not directly related to this project, i might be using this template for the P2P OS presentation website in some [more or less] distant future, so heck, fwiw, why not also share it on this blog.