Thursday, March 14, 2013

Major breakthrough, project back on tracks

After over a year of crunching the IPv4 CGN traversal problem at the back of my mind, it finally clicked! Or, more appropriately called, it banged!
In fact, this click (or bang, or whatever else i should call it) is such a major breakthrough, with such immense potential implications, that i have to refrain from saying much about it on this blog before filing a provisional patent; but what i can say though is that i'm 99% confident i found a novel algorithm that can break through all the IPv4 CGN types that are out there in the wild - and this is not just in theory, i actually tested it for over two weeks on all the mobile connections that i could find, on multiple networks, in eight countries around the world (with a few more tests pending at the time of writing). It did take me three weeks to refine the algorithm down to its current details (and it was quite a bumpy ride), but the bottom line is that i now have a working solution for full P2P/IPv4 connectivity, down to the most minute details, so that i no longer have to wait for God knows how many more months (or years?) to see how the IPv6 dust will eventually settle; that is, i can start working on the production-quality implementation of P2P OS right now.

So the next step: full-throttle fund raising campaign for developing the release-version of P2P OS (i.e. with youtube promo, kickstarter project, call-a-friend, and whatever else it will take to get them wheels turning). The stars aligned, the time has come, let the fun begin!

About the patent thingie, that's just for playing safe, be cool :) - this project will be open source after all ("networking for the masses", remember?).


  1. Are you going to share this major breakthrough? Just the algorithm could be helpful to others working on similar problems and it would be a shame for the knowledge to disappear or remain secret like skype

  2. Well, i thought i made it abundantly clear that this project is meant to be open source.

    Then again, "if i die before i wake" and nobody comes along until then, it probably won't be the worst loss ever in the history of mankind.


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