Friday, June 13, 2014

A real-world crowdfunding preview for P2P OS?

I've been waiting for some time to find a kickstarter project comparable to P2P OS in terms of potential contributors base, and now i think i found one that might be used as a good reference: My guess is that P2P OS should be able to get at least the same level of funding as this project (considering the two projects' target audiences), so it'll be interesting to see just how much this project will end up with in its pockets.

Okay, there's a catch to this comparison: ConsoleOS actually trades something with their backers, they'll give them free-for-life updates for a $10 contribution. With P2P OS on the other hand, i didn't really think about a mercantile proposition yet (in part because at the time i'm writing this i'm not even sure i want to go this crowdfunding route).

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